9 + 1 travel trends for 2019

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A new year has started, and as always, travel companies are in a quest for information about the latest news of traveler's behavior. They want to know how they act and which are the significant factors that shape their decisions. We analyzed important researches related to the hottest travel trends for 2019 and the customer's journey to help you attain a proper perspective.

More specifically, the current article will equip you with insights about: 

  1. Which kind of experiences travelers will chase in 2019 
  2. How the customer's journey is changing 

1. Easiness

According to booking.com, easiness will be the gold standard that will make a company stand out from the rest in 2019. As expected, travelers have become intelligent, demanding useful information and fast responses to be satisfied

Travelers have heard a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) and speech recognition; in the coming year, the winning innovations will be those that can seamlessly offer these technologies as a practical solution to travelers.  - booking.com

Informative and straightforward solutions will make them finish their booking on your site while hard work will make them leave. 

 2. Tours and activities

A busy year is coming for tour operators and activity providers. Global travelers are on a hunt for experiential trips, and the industry responded to the demand. Guides and operators added 30,000 new experiences to TripAdvisor last year, increasing the number of available experiences, tours, and attractions by 50%.

"The overall tours and activities sector is growing quickly; valued at $135 billion, it’s now the third-largest segment, and is expected to reach $174 billion globally by 2020." 

-Trip Advisor

Nevertheless, the numbers also indicate that competition will be stronger and tour operators are scaling their businesses to adapt and thrive in the digital world. Also, with the help of technology, it is easier than ever to upgrade your business and become competitive in a snap. A tour operators platform like kleesto might be the ideal solution for a company that wants to accomplish that.

3. Personalized Technologies

A simple segmentation of your customer's persona is no longer enough - we live in the era of personalization. Customers expect brands to intuitively know what they need and deliver it instantly to them. Over half (52%) of global travelers would love the idea of tech travel innovations such as a digital tour guide designed for themselves. Companies that can successfully provide this to their customers will enjoy a tremendous competitive advantage. Even smaller businesses are aware of the trend trying to adapt in the new conditions with short and focused steps. 

4. Last minute bookings

One fascinating travel trend for 2019 is the tendency of travelers to book their experiences just a few days before their trip. According to Phocuswright, two in five bookings happen within two days of a trip. Who is responsible for this behavior? Mobile phones! People are mastering the use of their smartphones, and along with the rapid advancement of technology, they can research and complete a booking at lightning speed.

5. Travel like a local 

Travelers want to uncover hidden treasures and experience the pure culture of the places they visit. Also, they want to engage directly with them as they prefer to get the news from the source. That's why we saw so many startup companies specializing in providing this connection to travelers. Local experience is walking hand-in-hand with the future of the tourism industry.

6. Culinary Tourism

kleesto - culinary tourism

Food is largely associated with the culture and history of a place, and the rise of culinary tourism is expanding. People will pay to experiment with different tastes during their vacations. Interestingly, we saw that Instagram is highly influential in this specific sector and many bookings happened thanks to the power of its pictures and hashtags. Social media can bring value to your travel business.

7. Ecotourism 

Most of the travel trends for 2018 highlighted the fact that people are sensitive to environmental issues, and they will chase educational tours related to sustainability and the protection of the area they visit.

The majority of global travelers (86%) say they would be willing to spend some time on activities that offset the environmental impact of their stay, with over a third (37%) willing to clear plastic and litter from a beach or other tourist attraction. - Booking.com

By making your travel company eco-friendly, you are instantly becoming more attractive. A positive trend both for ecotourism and humanity as a whole. 

8. Leisure travel

Nowadays, generation Z (the demographic cohort after the millennials) is changing the world in every level. They have already established their presence in the workforce, and one of their favorite habits is to combine business trips with leisure time. According to a report from Expedia, more than 88% of them are saving money for bleisure trips. It is no longer a rumor, generation Z arrived and is here to stay.

9. Mobiles 

Reading the consumer insights of "think with Google" when it comes to the usage of smartphones among travelers, it is clear that mobile experience will play a crucial role in your bookings.

Over one-third of smartphone users in each market have a negative view of a brand if the mobile experience is slow 

Furthermore, the potential of mobile platforms is immeasurable and incredible innovations are going to occur throughout the year. A negative mobile experience is capable of harming your reputation and performance severely. With Kleesto, you can make sure that you provide a great customer experience to travelers around the world.

10. Aquatic experiences

The demand for outdoor activities is skyrocketing in spite of type, but aquatic activities are forming the top 10. Just look at the following numbers from Trip Advisor. 

  • Sunset Cruises (+89%) 
  • Snorkeling (+64%)
  • Sailing trips (+55%)
  • Catamaran cruises (+51%)
  • Kayaking and canoeing experiences (+49%)

Can you provide a safe and well-designed adventure close to water? Customers will knock your door soon.

Travel trends for 2019 - A Quick Overview

Customers and businesses are intelligent. The leading players of the travel industry are investing big money on AI technologies to provide a unique and intuitive experience designed for the individual as your customer's time is more expensive than ever and the competition is intense. A hot travel trend for 2019 that is continuously increasing and will sustain its power is the massive demand for the whole sector of experiential travel. Culinary tourism, outdoor activities, sightseeing tours and the appeal of culture will grow even more. Finally, we expect to see the advancement of mobile platforms transform the industry like never before. 

Mobile platforms – integrated with AI, the cloud, GPS, machine learning, Big Data, and other advanced tools – will soon enable travel suppliers to provide a “magical” level of
customer service beyond anything previously imagined      

- Jay Walker, Founder and chairman, Upside

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March 19, 2019 Travel Industry Travel Trends