How to keep your kayak company's head above the water with kleesto booking software tips

Heads up, kayak tour operators! We already know that you are struggling with time and resource management. Like all the other water sports businesses, your kayak company has on top of other things to organize


The life of a bike tour operator after he started using kleesto

In this article, we are going to introduce you the case of a bike tour operator who for the sake of discretion we'll be calling Barbabrillios. Barbabrillios is a small bike tour operator based in Crete, the famous island of Greece! The owner of this bike tour operator is an ordinary,


How to increase water sports rentals with a booking software

Are you a water sports operator or run water sports rentals? Summer is slowly approaching, and this can only mean that summer activities are just around the corner! Want to share your passion for water sports, but you are not sure how to run all operations optimally?


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