Successful Resource Management for Tour Operators

 One of the most significant factors that determine the success of a travel business is the use of its resources. Resource Management by definition is the efficient deployment of an organization’s resources when they are needed. In other words, the art of driving your equipment and personnel to the right place, at the right time.

To maximize the use of your resources, you need to organize and automate every aspect of them. It is easy to say you are organized but quite hard to achieve it.

Over-bookings, double-bookings and cancellations were always one of the worst parts of a tour operator’s life. Managing vehicles, equipment, and tour-guides is a complicated and time-consuming task. You can easily make mistakes, like booking the same instructor on tours taking place at the same time. Think of providing a bike tour activity, and Rob, one of your guides, is booked by an Italian group, the same day and time in which he is booked by a family coming from Cyprus with their kids. Wouldn't you wish to know in advance that Rob was assigned to another group before agreeing to the family?

Furthermore, potential damages on your equipment can lead to similar frustrated situations. Let’s say that one of your bikes is destroyed during the high-traffic season. Imagine what comes next:

  • Do I have more bikes?

  • When will I have a replacement?

  • How many people can book this tour now?

  • Should I send an email to cancel and apologize?

There is a high price to pay if you are not ready to face similar situations. That’s why you need the help of modern technology. Managing successfully your resources with kleesto is easy. Remember the 2 simple steps:

  • Organize

  • Automate

With kleesto, you will always be able to track everything related to your equipment and personnel. Keep your inventory up to date and avoid headaches and stress.

All you have to do is set your available resources for each bike tour and kleesto takes care of everything else. Equipment and availability updates are happening in real time across all your channels and partners.

In addition, you could train your staff to use kleesto in a few hours. This won’t be a problem at all. It is so simple like riding a bike.


How kleesto works


In the beginning, you need to create your resources. There are two different ways to achieve that.

  1. At the dedicated resource page on your dashboard where you manage everything about your resources.

  2. While creating a product (tour or activity).

Keep in mind:

  • Each resource has its own availability and can be linked to different travel products and tours.

  • Each product can get bookings individually and therefore, your resources will only serve one product at a time.

  • Resource capacity is the most important number to avoid double bookings.


Resource creation with kleesto


1. Creating a new equipment resource on the resources management page of your dashboard:


Bike Resource Creation Form - kleesto


You start creating a resource by entering a name, a category and attaching relative images to it. At this stage, you want to make sure your resources are well-organized and easy-to-find whenever you need them.

Then, you determine if the resource capacity is limited or not. If there is a limit, you arrange the limit after closing your deals with vendors. Of course, it is possible to edit the status of your resources in terms of:

  1. available days

  2. available capacity

Always, the information spreads instantly across all channels, partners, and activities.


2. Creating or connecting resources while creating a tour or activity.


New Activity Creation - Connect Resources

In your dashboard, it is easy to create activities faster than ever and we also provide the opportunity to connect your resources with activities during your activity creation. Easiness and speed are the main characteristics of kleesto.


When a user accepts a booking that belongs to an activity with connected resources, all the necessary actions are automated. More specifically, there are three actions that follow the booking.

1st: System will update the current schedule date capacity based on the order set of the connected resources.

2nd: System will update the status of activities which share the same resources.

3rd: System will update the resource capacity for the specific date.


kleesto will do the math for you


In case the schedule of your tours don’t match your resource capacity or availability, kleesto will disable the specific day and your activities that create the problem. You need to manually enable them to get bookings again. Therefore, it is impossible to overbook. Moreover, in case a resource has already changed its availability and a new activity is associated with that resource, the capacity will reflect the current state of the resource. No manual updates. Everything is happening automatically at lightning speed!

Resource Prioritization

Among other options, you can change the priority of the resources in a specific schedule. In other words, you can decide the order that bookings are served by the connected resources.

Of course, when you complete a booking for a resource linked in a product, the resource availability in another product is blocked. The same resource cannot be shared at the same time.

Now that you know enough about resource management with kleesto, we can reach the big perspective. Why we spent so much time and effort to build a platform that can do all these actions we mentioned above?


5 Key Benefits of automating your business

1. Elimination of waste and errors: Nobody likes waste. It's a pain in your pocket. Bad planning related to the allocation of your resources can create a disaster that costs a fortune. Avoid human error and confusion from dissatisfied customers that can harm your reputation in the industry. There is a better way to do your math!

2. Conflict resolution with precise numbers: Excuses will no longer apply to your business. Reports and numbers never lie, and therefore, you can solve your problems efficiently with knowledge by your side. It should be easy for you to create a healthy environment for customers, partners, and personnel. Embrace transparency! 

3. Identify and retain talent for increased productivity: Do you remember the "80-20 rule" which insists on the notion that 20% of your personnel will provide more value than the other 80%? When you acknowledge who they are, you can gain even more advantage from them. Identify your best resources, let them know they are good, and allow them to reach their full potential. Win-win!

4. Opportunity for comparing your data: Do your plans correlate with reality? You can easily use your reports for comparing your estimations with actual results. Understand what works and get better!

5. Real-Time data: Always be ready to re-allocate your resources. Even if you make some mistakes, you will have the opportunity to respond fast and reduce the price you pay for them.

Tour operators are usually surprised when they understand how much better they can become with the help of a software.


Change the way you manage your resources

Automating the whole process of resource management is a tremendous competitive advantage for your company.

Useless calls, e-mails, spreadsheets, and headaches belong to the past. Embrace the digital world. Start looking at your dashboard with peace and reclaim the control of your business. We are here to help you reach your full potential. 

Today, even small, local experience providers should be able to grow into international tour operators. We are working towards that goal every single day.

Furthermore, with kleesto for your booking management, a dedicated team will always be there to help you solve your problems. We love to solve you problems in innovative ways.


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April 1, 2019 Product (Kleesto) Resource management