How kleesto's distribution software will increase your revenue

Do you want to grow your travel business and reach more customers? Developing a distribution network is a necessity. Unfortunately, you can’t grow a sustainable network overnight. You need a plan and a reliable platform to support you. But, we did the work for you! We designed kleesto’s distribution software to help you succeed.

Ask yourself: How can I grow without first creating synergies with partners and agents who will sell my tours and activities? Many tour operators do the mistake to rely only on one or two agents. What happens when they stop providing bookings? What about the spots in your tours which are not booked yet?


How kleesto helps you distribute your tours successfully

We designed a platform which helps you organize and grow your network by getting all the tools you need to instantly connect with:

  • travel agents
  • hotels
  • offline desks
  • marketplaces
  • visitor information centres
  • And, everything in between

Kleesto provides an environment in which you can easily connect your partner channels (travel agents, hotels, etc.) even if they don't use kleesto. You can present your real-time inventory to everyone. Our distribution software is designed to be as simple as it can get and everything is interconnected.


kleesto distribution software add-your-channels-and-get-bookings-online


As you can see, booking channels are presented to you in a clean and coherent way to make sure you retain the control of what’s happening in your business. By clicking inside each partner, you will find all the information related to your deals.

With kleesto, you can create your distribution strategy in only one dashboard!

As you understand, it is not just you who will be happy working with kleesto. Think of what your partners want. A place to manage their synergies which is:

  • Easy to use
  • Transparent
  • Fast
  • Responsive to changes (intelligent)

Your partners will love doing business with you!


Flexible commission system

Furthermore, our distribution software is supported by an advanced commission system that offers the opportunity to handle all types of deals. You don’t need to work at the same commission rates with everyone. You can set your own rules.

kleesto will measure and give you the results. Forget about time-consuming excel spreadsheets and headaches. All the results are presented to you at kleesto’s analytic reports. Again, just with a click!


kleesto-distribution software-make-progress-with-detailed-analytics-of-your-sales


After a while, you will be able to overview and choose the partnerships which provide the greatest value. It is crucial to overview and optimize your actions in real-time.


The importance of an interconnected distribution system

An interconnected company is an intelligent company. With kleesto, your partners across your distribution network have access to information in real-time and you can instantly learn about changes regarding their businesses. Over-bookings will stop bothering you as your customers will also become aware of every change.

For example:

Imagine you operate a kayaking activity and have 2 available guides. You also partnering with a local travel agent.

Let’s say that both of your guides are fully booked for a week. The connected activities with the guides will not be bookable anymore, thanks to kleesto’s advanced resource system. Your partner won't have to do anything as the system is live updated and those changes will be synchronized to everyone immediately. Your distribution strategy won't be affected negatively. Problem solved! And, you did nothing! Kleesto will handle the situation.

Nevertheless, the best scenario is to have alternative solutions for finding resources within your distribution network. That’s why you need a lot of partners.

When you grow your network, you will be able to handle similar problems without losing time and money.


More benefits that you enjoy with a distribution software

Increasing your revenue is the result of many preliminary actions. A distribution management software also helps your travel company to:

  • Increase your reputation and brand awareness

Your company is now reaching more people than ever. That means that both travelers and travel agents all around the world will gain familiarity with your brand. Delve deep into their minds and sell more tours!

  • Instantly reach new market segments

With every partner you add to your distribution network, you are reaching a whole new audience for your tours. Therefore, you can build a targeted marketing strategy by chasing specific agents that lead to specific market segments.

  • Enjoy the freedom to choose the partnerships that provide the greatest value

Stop relying on only one agent for your tours. Identify what works with kleesto's analytic reports and close the best deals for you. Become efficient and take the right decisions!

Change the way you do business! Kleesto enables you to accomplish a large distribution network which is interconnected and intelligent. No reason to stress anymore. Keep partners and customers happy and organize a successful distribution strategy with us.

Plan your business for scale. Our team is waiting to assist you on the journey.


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April 17, 2019 Experiences distribution