How can kleesto tour booking system help you grow your travel company

Do you identify yourself with names like tour operator, travel agent or activity provider? What if I told you, your revenue could increase faster and easier than ever? Well, it is true! kleesto is the tour booking system that will change the way experience providers operate their travel companies.

Our tour operators' platform is ready to disrupt the tourism industry. It is far more than a booking engine! We approached the market’s needs in a unique “startup-ish” way and developed a tailor-made platform for travel businesses that want to grow fast.

After providing for a few years end-to-end web and mobile solutions for organizing and operating a tour company, we level up the game with a twist! Management of operations is cool! Nevertheless, the optimization of operations is where the magic happens. That’s the future of the travel industry. And, kleesto is the future!

Let’s discover it!

What is kleesto?

To begin with, kleesto is a set of tools designed to serve all aspects of the tour and travel experience management. It digitalizes all human (and non-human!) interactions an experience-provider may need for managing:

  • online/offline Bookings

  • Equipment

  • Personnel

  • Deals with partners

kleesto is interconnecting every aspect of your business with your activity and booking transactions. Therefore, whatever is happening is instantly transparent to everyone using the platform. The information is spreading everywhere in real-time. Of course, every interaction will be tracked down and presented to you whenever you want it! Kleesto will amplify your business intelligence to new levels!

As you should understand by now, we are ready to transform your company into a living organism. When the heart is pumping, every inch of its body is making the proper moves. Plus, mistakes are not allowed! To keep the organism healthy, we provide a wide range of options based on real-life offline use cases for starting and managing external booking sources and collaborations with:

  • travel agents

  • OTAs

  • marketplaces

  • hotels

  • Third party experience providers (additional outsourced services).

Predesigned workflows and advanced communication automation allow connectivity and booking handling. Just focus on what you love to do the most:

To provide awesome and unique experiences to your customers. kleesto will handle all the rest.

How is kleesto structured?

kleesto was developed through feedback loop iterations with active partner tour operators. They shared their main concerns with us and this was our starting point. We undertook their operations management issues by breaking them down to three main pillars.

The first pillar is “Booking Management”. We help tour operators organize their transactions volume regardless of the booking source. Losing a booking is not an option anymore. Around booking management, we automate all transaction-related communications from our customer to their travellers. The same applies to all tour availability updates for all connected booking sources.

The second pillar is “Resources and Personnel”. We help tour and activity providers organize all their equipment and human resources. How? By connecting the availability information of each travel product. For easier HR handling, we automate internal and external communications between operators or third party experience providers and keep every stakeholder up to date.

The third pillar is “Distribution Management”. We help our clients connect with their current partners and variable types of booking sources. Starting from migrating their offline business collaborations and deals with hotels and travel agents, we help tour operators distribute their services on their website and sync all their channels and partners.

On top of these pillars, our design and development team works on our next features. Having covered all these requirements for operations, resources and booking management, our company brings in cutting-edge technologies of the future. Kleesto’s tour booking system will become even more intelligent! What to expect?

  • AI dynamic variable pricing between marketplaces

  • Automated personalized marketing suggestions

  • Yield management

  • Dynamic resource allocation among active tours and rental management.

  • Dynamic package generation or automated handling of schedules

  • Availability based on traffic, seasonality, and performance!

Create and manage your activities and get ready to sell - Kleesto


What are kleesto’s main benefits?

The industry is actively twisting its focus on experiences. One can easily recognize that current market leaders like Trip Advisor, Booking, and Airbnb are leaning towards experiences serving their customers’ demand. The main problem is that SMEs who provide the experiences promoted by these marketplaces are neither well-organized nor have organized operations to keep up with that high demand. This leads providers to wane their services or block all other 3rd party collaborations.

Nevertheless, with an advanced tour booking system like Kleesto, these problems can be easily surpassed. Think about the most common issues related to the harsh reality of a tour operator’s life. They will be diminished! More specifically, kleesto will handle for you:

  • booking management on high traffic seasons

  • personalization of communications with your travelers

  • email exchanges

  • unnecessary phone calls with partners

  • availability updates

  • collaboration contracts and deal management

  • distribution synchronization

  • resource management

Forget about spreadsheets and things that cause headaches. With kleesto, you enjoy an easy-to-use environment where tour operators can grow sustainable experiences for their customers. You don’t have to worry about the business-as-usual repetitive operations that come with them.

Our tour booking system is smooth and easy! Even if it’s full of tools, kleesto is as simple as it can get in its design. You can learn how to use it in less than a day!

Manage all your bookings in one place - Kleesto


Is this tour booking system designed for you?

Our services address SME tour operators. While in the market, we have mapped a wide variety of personas which are active in the experience travel industry. As a booking engine, we cover SME companies that serve a traffic range from 1500 to more than 15000 travelers annually.

Average revenue in each adventure travellers’ spending is usually from $600 to $950, excluding gear and airfare expenses. Each trip is averaged at around 10 days. Our customers are located all around the world, but our main focus at the beginning is Greece, Spain, and France.

The industry standard for tour booking systems combines SaaS and commission based pricing which makes it easier for our clients to affirm. Our current target customer can be one-man-show companies serving 1-2 daily or multi-day activities. This is why we try to provide a flexible pricing model.


What is kleesto’s pricing model?

Nowadays, services provided on all plans are similar. We believe that our platform right now can be proven valuable to our customers only by helping them grow their business. Thus, we give them all the tools to optimize and enhance their current operations. Future features like dynamic pricing and more advanced automation workflow are designed to be packaged in the “Pro” plan.

It is worth mentioning that if you join our platform during its first year, it is highly probable that we will design features according to your specific needs! We retain a customer-centric approach and we are ready to change our roadmap for you.

To see our current pricing model, click here!


What’s kleesto’s history?

In 2016 we started our company with a B2C web and mobile marketplace named hopwave. Hopwave is a marketplace for daily and multi-day boat cruises around the Greek islands. That’s how our company grew into the travel industry. With hopwave in the market, we have been awarded in several startup competitions with money prizes. This was our company’s initial capital. It would be impossible to succeed without this financial boost in the beginning.

Afterward, while developing kleesto’s tour booking software as a scalable stand-alone SaaS solution, we have been generating revenue from both hopwave’s bookings and custom software solutions for clients in the tourism industry. They really helped us understand who is our customer and which are its needs. These “side projects” allowed our company to sustain a positive revenue stream and gather the required development resources for designing kleesto. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. We are excited about what we created!

Nowadays, Kleesto is ready to scale your travel business. Our tour booking system is one of the most advanced software solutions in the market. And, what about the future?

The future is artificial intelligence. Whoever adapts in the digital world will see its revenue increasing faster than ever. The rest will stay behind.

Everything is simple! Why stress? Design your way to success!

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March 21, 2019 Product