Grow your trekking company with a booking software

Do you have a trekking company that doesn't stand out among the others? Do you struggle to manage your bookings, your finances, and your resources? Are you afraid that your tour company isn't competitive enough? Well, this article is for you!

We could mention your every day struggles for days but it would have been pointless. Instead, we managed to create something that can solve these problems.

Our booking software is designed to help your business grow faster than ever. We know that you need a strong digital profile to attract customers and partners and kleesto will help you achieve your goals.


Trekking companies will thrive in 2019


Our research related to the biggest travel trends of 2019 taught us that there is a huge demand online for travel companies that operate trekking tours.

Trekking was the fourth-most popular outdoor activity in the U.S. in 2017 with 44.9 million total participants and the number is continuously growing.

And yet, it's really difficult for a tour company to manage everything on its own and grow successfully. That's why we are here. kleesto is a "set of tools" designed to serve all aspects of the tour and travel experience management. It digitalizes all human (and non-human!) interactions that an experience-provider may need! You shouldn't let your competitors grow faster than you.

Automate your company, become efficient, and stop wasting time in actions that you don't enjoy.

In this article, you will receive 10 useful tips you can use to grow your trekking company.


9+1 tips to grow your trekking company online!


trekking company


We decided to focus on some marketing tips among other more generic ones. Enjoy!


1: Use a booking software

Technology can improve your performance in levels that you couldn't imagine. You need to get access to all the tools I mentioned before. It will not only save you time. It will help you grow fast. Manage your business without stress, grow your revenue, and make everyone involved happy.

2: Build a professional website

With kleesto, you will instantly get a well-designed website. Your company's website is definitely important as it's one of the first things your customers are looking for. You need to have all the details of your tours easily accessible as well as your pricing packages.

3: Include a blog to your website

Blogging is a major trend that will surely stick around. Combining it with a SEO strategy, it will help you reach customers in every part of the world. Write about the experience anyone would enjoy by joining your tour. Tell them about trekking tips, equipment details and more. Give them real value!

4: Expand your partnerships

kleesto’s booking software will help you maintain your already existing partners but also connect with new ones. Retain a professional look and grow a strong distribution network. Plus, you will have the ability to easily collaborate with influencers too. Don't forget them as they can influence thousands of people. Therefore, collaborating can seriously benefit you!

5: Engage with customers on social media

Make social media your best friend! After all, you need to be where your audience is. Customers really appreciate it when they have your attention and engaging with travelers on social media is crucial. Keep it simple!

  • Be polite and helpful when answering them
  • Post things you know they can relate
  • Create polls
  • Ask them questions on your Instagram stories
  • Make posts on Twitter using trending hashtags.

A calendar would definitely help you organize your posts, define your weekly goals, and stay consistent. However, your content should be professional! For example, you certainly need high-quality pictures. Where to find them if you don't have the budget to hire photographers? Click here!

6: E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message to a group of people using email. Every email sent to a potential or current customer is considered as email marketing. Grow your newsletter lists and inform your customers about new trekking tours or share new blog posts that you might have. Of course, you can further analyze your data in the future to gather useful insights about your audience.

7: Personalize your travel products

Nowadays, personalization is the key when it comes to the travel customer journey.

You could incorporate some relevant packages or personalized coupons for bigger groups. People feel respect for a company that shows interest in satisfying the client rather than just making a profit. For example, as a trekking company, you could combine a trekking trip with the greatest local food experience, you or a partner can provide. Treat your customers like kings and queens.

8: Learn about the Journey Map

Journey mapping is the next big thing! What is this?

It's a really useful tool that helps you learn more about your consumers and provide an amazing experience for them. How? By gathering some data! The best way to conduct your research is with business analytics, google trends, and a lot of patience.

9: Encourage reviews

You already know it! Good reviews attract customers and bad reviews can destroy your reputation. Nevertheless, as soon as you do everything you can to satisfy your customers , you're most likely going to get excellent reviews. It's important to remind them to leave a review at the end of the tour because it is an easy way to gain new clients.

10: Enhance your business intelligence

Data is everything! The digital world has developed to such a point that you can easily watch your performance in everything that you do. Check kleesto’s business analytics and use all the important insights. Then, make the best decisions for your business and reach your full potential.





Booking software is the most innovative solution a tour operator could have. Growing your trekking company shouldn't be that hard and that was the main reason this software was made. Embrace modern technology. kleesto makes your life easier but also improves the customer's experience.

We know how hard it is to run a business but there are no excuses for not being competitive in 2019. Scale your travel business with us!


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May 3, 2019